About The Stephen Lackey Trust

The Stephen Lackey Trust is a clearinghouse of innovative and workable solutions to a host of social questions. The Trust houses four of the most relevant and timely vehicles powered to bring positive change to communities around the globe. Encircled within the thought that "together we can do amazing things," The Stephen Lackey Trust introduces scalable projects and professional consulting designed to foster the growth of a society that works. Below you will find a program that suits your needs and passion. We sincerely look forward to working with you and your friends to change our streets, our communities, our nations, and our world.

About Stephen

Tables Political Organization

A Seat at Every Table of Influence

Tables Political Organization (TPO) is a 527 group with a mission to provide African-Americans with a seat at every table of influence and opinion leadership on social and economic policy. TPO fulfills its mission through robust fundraising and policy development designed to ensure the success of candidates and ideals which have African-American success at heart. Our goal is simple: to ensure the needs of the African-American community are clearly articulated through policy and promoted by individuals elected to serve.

Lackey Strategies, LLC

Creating Partnerships That Work

Since 1999, Lackey Strategies, LLC (Lackey Strategies) has provided independent public affairs consulting to a wide range of businesses and organizations. Our founder, Stephen N. Lackey, leads of team of professionals with years of success in forging relationships between organizations in the public and private sectors. Lackey Strategies builds and manages public-private partnerships, organizational infrastructure support programs, strategic communication, and government interactions for its clients.

Responsible Faith Community Initiatives

Cultivating Good Faith Between Neighbors

The Stephen Lackey Trust funds the Responsible Faith Communities Initiative (RFCI), a socioeconomic program that supports neighborhood-based organizations whose work clearly promotes one or more of the following:

- Fiscally responsible and equal opportunities for sustainable business development and entrepreneurship
- Social infrastructure building partnerships between key sectors
- Strong and successful schools and educational institutions
- Harmonious interaction between people of different ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds

RFCI also funds the Adults Getting Educated (AGE) Scholarship. Contact us to discuss opportunities to support your organization.

Fresh Water Social Ecosystem Program

Giving Children Advantages for Success

In an effort to explore the ways in which adults filter life and culture to future generations, The Stephen Lackey Trust introduced the Freshwater Social Ecosystem Program in 2012. Our newest program raises a pivotal question: As the essential elements and tools of life are filtered through us to our children, are we leaving them with fresh resources, fresh ideas and fresh innovations? These most important questions will be answered through a profound series of public programs and events which include TEDxSweetAuburn, Politics on the Grape, and the Freshwater Community Impact Weekends. The Freshwater Social Ecosystem Program seeks to spark a world of ideas as to how we can leave our children a fresh social ecosystem that provides them with advantages for success.