100 Most Influential African-American Republicans

Stephen N. Lackey named one of the 100 Most Influential African-American Republicans. The people on this list are said to have bucked the trend and aligned themselves with the party that once fought slavery, and now fights enslavement to state dependency (or is supposed to), range from the famous and powerful to behind-the-scenes rainmakers, local chieftains, and energetic rising stars.

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The GOP Is Building a Black Power Base

One of the most enduring legacies of the 2012 presidential election cycle may be the effect of billions of dollars being poured into the campaigns, much of which has been spent on negative advertising. Hardball host Chris Matthews calls it dirty, angry money. But according to Republican fundraiser Stephen Lackey, it's how one gets a seat at the table.

In the political lexicon, Lackey is called a bundler. He gathers together like-minded individuals around campaigns and issues. They in turn write checks to support said campaign or cause, that Lackey, who heads a firm called The Stephen Lackey Trust, hands over in one neat bundle. In this election cycle, he expects to have raised more than a million dollars.

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Stephen N. Lackey Discusses Black Republicans

In this video Stephen N. Lackey engages in a spirited discussion on the common needs of the black community and how those needs relate to the Republican Party and conservatism. He asserts the black community at-large holds many convictions and beliefs that closely mirror the Republican Agenda and that black people may find some places to intersect ideas with the party.

Interviewed by Angie Wright Rheaves, host of Law and Society, Stephen shares his thoughts on why African-Americans must seriously consider a better distribution of our national votes within the two-party system.

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